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Capabel Press plans to publish titles which we feel make a genuine contribution to human knowledge. Such books may well challenge received wisdom.

With this website we hope to draw attention not to our authors themselves but to the books which we publish. Yet we recognise that the background of an author can be of interest.

J H Hatfield

J H Hatfield is the first writer to have his work published by Capabel Press. A former scholar of St John's College, Cambridge, he may be considered a polymath.

Over the years he has developed from a classicist, mathematician and historian into a scientist... then into a professional engineer... and then, in his senior years, into a serious student of Greek scripture. He has devoted several years to analysing the riddles in Greek scripture and developing the arguments set out in Why Call Me God.

His book was first published by Capabel Press in September 2009


Why Call Me God?

ISBN 978-0-9562057-0-4