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Our publishing business was established in 2009.

We specialise in books which are challenging and intelligent.

A key objective is to make available significant knowledge not available elsewhere.

Our First Title

Our first title is J H Hatfield's penetrating work on the gospels, Why Call Me God.

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A Timely Challenge

Why Call Me God was published in September 2009.

This remarkable monograph poses an important challenge to the Christian tradition.

It rediscovers that the gospels carry within them a secret component to their message, a secret of vital importance, hidden in the original Greek scriptures and overlooked for centuries.

It is curious that the Christian church should prefer to deny that there could be a hidden message in the gospels... when the gospels themselves declare that there is.

This book explains what so many have missed for so long. In doing so it develops the option for a radical shift in how we think about the Bible, and how we understand its message.

Why Call Me God?

ISBN 978-0-9562057-0-4